Typewriter Tarot

Tarot has been around since at least the 14th century, and some claim that it dates back to the Egyptians. Our experience with tarot oscillated between pulling a few cards when something was going wrong and throwing shade at the decks on our bookcases, so when we found out about the impossibly cute Tarot Trailer, and the glorious goddess of The Typewriter Tarot, Cecily, who'd be reading for us, we were all about it! 

 Cecily was drawn to tarot from an early age and uses the cards psychologically and spiritually rather than as a predictive tool.  She believes that the subconscious chooses the cards and that by using them this way we can gain insight into our current situations and long-term patterns. To the scientifically minded Cecily says: "It's hard to prove there's something to the tarot, but if you allow yourself to have an experience with tarot you might find a shift in your perspective." 

We didn't need convincing-our reading was eerily spot on.

We asked where SIGNY was headed, so Cecily used a three-card spread (Aspiration-Obstacle-Path Forward). Our aspiration card was The Three of Swords, "an indication that old heartaches and disappointments were still hanging around, lingering about, and taking up energy." 
Our obstacle card was The Ten of Cups, which meant that we'd been so good at celebrating our successes that we'd left those heartaches unresolved. Our path forward card was The Magician, which was "a reminder of our tremendous power to manifest what we want in life." 

We've both had a fair bit of trauma in our individual lives, and SIGNY has too. We're ready to burn that shit tonight in a full-moon ritual, y'all! Enter The Magician. 

If you want to learn more about the tarot, Cecily recommends that you start with the Rider-Waite Deck, check out Biddy Tarot and 78 Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack, and learn to read intuitively and connect with the cards personally. 

Happy Reading,