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Charming, captivating, and dangerously seductive -- SIGNY isn’t your usual electropop act. Based in Austin, TX, the female duo is comprised of two sirens well-versed in luring listeners from afar, tempting them to shore with their enchanting tones and lush harmonies. But there are those who question the group’s mythical qualities, and they should beware. For they’re the ones at greatest risk of falling into SIGNY’s snare of hypnotic melodies, infectious beats, and beautifully destructive live performances.

Formed in 2015, SIGNY is made up of two pseudo-gypsy singers and pianists, Amy Arani and Delaney Gibson. They forged their friendship on Myspace in the early days of social media, but it wasn’t until years later that they decided to join forces when they both wound up living in Austin. They knew it wasn’t a coincidence.

Named after the Norse myth of two heroines in connected legends, SIGNY creates alluring pop songs laced with elastic beats, ethereal soundscapes, and pristinely melded arrangements. 




Reminiscent of Sia, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine with a hint of Massive Attack, the duo wanted to create a “gorgeous landscape in a new world that you won’t want to leave.”

Austin favorite Lonely Child (Mobley, Hollow Coats) produced their first single, Human, which The Deli Magazine called "a tidal wave of emotion crashing into an addictive beat." BlackBook says: "It's a bit like Ladytron collabing with Beyoncé." They teamed up with Grammy and Oscar-nominated producer Bartholomew for their forthcoming debut album, WATER, which will be released later this year. 

Together Arani and Gibson are producer’s dream team. Amy’s songwriting skills are avant-garde and mysteriously transparent, and when combined with Delaney’s talent for writing infectious hooks and melodies, the duo has crafted a sound that’s mesmerizing and irresistible. As if Arani and Gibson were from the same legend, their voices blend seamlessly to create one pristine, embryonic voice.



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  Artwork by CCXA | Shot by Casey Holder

Artwork by CCXA | Shot by Casey Holder

WORLDWIDE PREMIERE OF KINGS! The 1st single off our debut album, Water! ✨We fought so hard to release this single and upcoming album. Beyond proud and grateful for TeamSIGNY. We’re not going anywhere and we’ve just started.

"We are kings, so deal with it!" YAS!

We wrote Kings to challenge deeply rooted ideas about women and power. When we say "Devil on my lips, if you wanna kiss, I'll give you a mouthful," we are saying that we are not objects. We're human beings with agency, and won't be silent. When we say "Fuck the lore, I'm a heroine," we are saying the idea that women are less powerful than men is false. "Do no harm, and take no shit" is our credo. It happens to be a hard one to live up to, but we do our best. 

Although we wrote Kings from our perspective as women, it's a call to action for anyone who believes that we have inherent value and worth. 

We are kings. Gender does not define us. The script has been flipped. Join us?

Check out the interview we did with Magnetic Magazine during SXSW 2018 nd hear Kings! 


Signy Brings Massive Synths to An Electronic Epoch

Thanks for this awesome write-up, The Deli Magazine!

"Clearly this duo has their sights set on bigger stages to maximize appeal, but for now Austin can enjoy these local upstarts before they ascend into the stratosphere."

 <3 #thefutureishuman


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BlackBook Premiere: Lavish New Single 'Human' from Austin Duo SIGNY 


And so it begins... We cannot believe this day is finally here! Our very first ever song premiere! 

Tomorrow we release "Human" into the wild. Thank you to BlackBook Media for the premiere. And THANK YOU to the Team! Y'all are the best. 

Share with your friends, spread the word... #thefutureishuman #wearesigny

Check it out!
BlackBook Premiere

SIGNY "KINGS" on The Bold Type

Get ready for anything. Watch an ALL NEW episode of The Bold Type TONIGHT at 9/8c on Freeform 👑 #kings #wearesigny #TheBoldType