Signy Brings Massive Synths to An Electronic Epoch

Thanks for this awesome write-up, The Deli Magazine!

"Clearly this duo has their sights set on bigger stages to maximize appeal, but for now Austin can enjoy these local upstarts before they ascend into the stratosphere."

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BlackBook Premiere: Lavish New Single 'Human' from Austin Duo SIGNY 


And so it begins... We cannot believe this day is finally here! Our very first ever song premiere! 

Tomorrow we release "Human" into the wild. Thank you to BlackBook Media for the premiere. And THANK YOU to the Team! Y'all are the best. 

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Check it out!
BlackBook Premiere

SIGNY "KINGS" on The Bold Type

Get ready for anything. Watch an ALL NEW episode of The Bold Type TONIGHT at 9/8c on Freeform 👑 #kings #wearesigny #TheBoldType